GeekFest 2015
17–18 October 2015

What is GeekFest?

GeekFest is a brand new initiative, the University of York's very first convention!

Led by student societies, GeekFest is a completely free convention that aims to promote all aspects of Geek Culture from Art and Game Design to LARP and Manga. It also aims to let you try new experiences or perhaps pick up old hobbies again — and, of course, to let everyone have an amazing time.

What's happening at GeekFest?

We've already got a loads of events lined up, here are just a few:

...and these really are just the tip of the iceberg! With loads of stuff already on our timetable and even more to come, like our Facebook page to be the first to find out when we get new stuff!

We've now released our schedule for the 2015 event (PDF, 142 kB), and there'll be a hard copy available there.

Where is GeekFest?

GeekFest will be in the Exhibition Centre at the University of York on the weekend of 17–18 October 2015.

That's the tall building on the south side of the lake, also home to the physics and electronics departments.


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Artist Alley


Table #1

Kelly Angel

Table #2

Jai McCubbin (IllustratedJai)

Table #3
Both days

Holley Lines (ChaoticaChan)

Table #4

Sophie Chipchase (Sophira-lou)

Table #5
Both days

Laurence Shaw (Runic Rose)

Table #6
Both days

Greta Sandmann & Maria Agapiou

Table #7
Both days

Tom Hall

Table #8
Both days

Karis Lambert

Table #9
Both days

Wanderer Jewelry

Table #10
Both days

Game Developers

Steve Ince

Video game writer

Christopher Maugham

Both days

Recluse Industries


Team Pesky

Little Acorns, The Kraken Sleepeth


Elvish Writing

Tolkien Society
20 min
Both days, 11:00–13:00

The Art of Swords

Medieval Society
30 min
Saturday, 12:30–15:30
Vanbrugh bowl

Improve Your Chess

Chess Society
30 min
Both days, 13:30–14:00

Make a Game

Game Development Society
3 hours
Both days, 14:00–17:00

Learn to Juggle

Juggle Society

Saturday, 14:30

Starry Night Observing

Astronomy Society

Saturday, 21:00–late

Try out HAZSoc

1 hour
Sunday, 12:00–13:00
Vanbrugh bowl

Quidditch: Give It a Go

HP Muggle Society
2 hours
Sunday, 13:30–17:30
Vanbrugh Bowl


LARP, What’s it all about?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Society
Saturday, 12:00–12:30
Main Stage

What is LARP? How do you do it and why should you? Find out by talking to some of the university's top LARPers.

Writing for Video Games

Steve Ince
Saturday, 12:30–13:00
Main Stage

Steve will share his experience of working within the industry on games like Witcher, Whispered world and the broken sword series. He will also give out his hints and tips for how to write three dimensional and engaging characters.

Ask an Artist

Neil Gibson, Kelly Angel, IllustratedJai
Saturday, 13:00–14:00
Main Stage

Come and meet some of the best comic creators and artists around. Find out what it's like to work in the industry and what inspires them. There will also be plenty of time to ask the questions you want answered.

Game Developers Panel

Steve Ince, Martin Wheeler, Andy Gibson, Chris Maughan
Saturday, 14:00–15:00
Main Stage

See some of the work of local game developers and get a sneak peek at game still in development. Game Devs from across the spectrum of development will be there. From Mobile Phone games to the Occulus Rift in a diverse range of genres. There will also be time for Q&A.

How can Comics help you in your studies and career?

Neil Gibson
Saturday, 14:00–15:00

Comics have often been viewed as childish, but with science and practical examples, Neil Gibson (creator of the best selling comic Twisted Dark) shows how useful comics can be in helping people study better and be more effective at work.
Neil has kindly provided Twisted Dark vol. 1 for free (Rated Teen Plus).
Find out more about Neil and his works at his website.


Ceolred Monger

Ceolred Monger have been successfully helping clients interpret history since 1986. Passionate about history. Thier aim is to ensure that history is made accessible in an exciting and engaging way without compromising authenticity and integrity. Replica costume and artefacts tailored to your needs.


Clockwork Fire Bird

Both days

A creator with a large collection of unique costumes and finery for several years, covering a wide range of genres and styles. As well as offering armour and costume, they offer ‘monsters’ costumes to help with any critters, creatures and cannon fodder creations that you need.




...Give the Dog a Bone

...give the dog a bone is a gift shop in York offering the UK's best selection of quirky gifts, unusual presents, and greetings cards. Specialising in things you don’t need but really really want!




OG Games


York’s new Boardgame shop. With regular games nights and inshop gaming. A great place to find new games to play and new people to play them with


Sore Thumb Games


Sore Thumb Retro Games specialise in SNES, Saturn and Dreamcast games with both Imported and domestic range - you will also find hundreds of games and hardware for many other old, loved games consoles.


Travelling Man


A company that feels passionate about comic books, boardgames and RPGs and we want you to feel the same. Thier goal is to get everyone in the world to love at least one comic or game. We want to let the uneducated know that they're not just for kids.


York School of Defence (Western Martial Arts)

The York School of Defence is a Western Martial Arts school situated in the historic city of York in the UK, focusing on a variety of medieval treatises.



GeekFest is a student event, organised and run entirely by student societies at the University of York. The following societies are participating in the 2015 event:

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