GeekFest 2016
York, 15–16 October 2016

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Main Events

On stage

Gamesmaster, Dungeonmaster & Storyteller

Sci Fi & Fantasy Society
Saturday 15 October 2016, 11:00–12:00
Main Stage (P/X/001)

Running a tabletop roleplaying game can often seem a daunting prospect. Let us help make it easier for you!

Some members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Society with past experience of writing and running various games will give some of their thoughts on how to best put a game together, whether working from an existing publication or just your imagination, and then make sure a group of players has fun with it.

Everyone will be welcome to pitch in with specific questions or give their own thoughts on things, and a sizable portion of the talk will be dedicated to a more general discussion of the interesting opportunities and challenges that can arise while running a game.

The Good, The Bad, and The Queer

Saturday 15 October 2016, 12:00–13:30

An interactive panel where panelists will talk about LGBTQ representation, LGBTQphobia, and how and why alternative cultures interlink.

Challenges with Writing for New Media

Saturday 15 October 2016, 12:30–13:30
Main Stage (P/X/001)

"Hey! Listen!"

Writing for any video games isn't easy.

Some people may not even care about your plot, whilst others want every detail. Even across different types of games, the way in which you can convey story to the player changes.

Come join us to get an insight from some of York's brightest games writing minds as we look at the challenges when writing for these new forms of media.

What is the Honorverse?

Benjamin Wagner
Saturday 15 October 2016, 13:45–14:45

Join Benjamin Wagner, Petty Officer 3rd Class of GNS Albion DD-42 as he takes you through the Honorverse, the setting for a series of books by popular Sci-Fi Author David Weber. Not only this he'll introduce you to 'The Royal Manticoran Navy' the official fan club.

How Hollywood Gets Fighting So Wrong

Christopher Halpin-Durband
Saturday 15 October 2016, 14:00–15:00
Main Stage (P/X/001)

Join the York School of Defense's Christopher Halpin-Durband as he explores the world of combat and arms and how popoluar media gets it so very wrong. From Game of Thrones to the latest Hollywood blockbuster he's ready to nail them to the wall with their historical inaccuracies.

Bad Science

Physics Society
Saturday 15 October 2016, 15:30–16:00
Main Stage (P/X/001)

This event has been cancelled

We will take a look at some of the worst science in films and other media. It's very tongue in cheek and will ultimately come to the conclusion that bad science is probably necessary for the entertainment value.

Women in Geekdom Through the Ages

SWEY: Supporting Women in Engineering at York
Sunday 16 October 2016, 11:00–12:00

A panel discussion about how women are presented in geek culture, from the birth of science fiction through to the present day and where things are heading. We'll touch on topics such as character design in comics and visual media, the lack of female hobbits, Gamergate, the Bechdel test and more.

Cosplay on a Budget

Lolita Love
Sunday 16 October 2016, 12:00–12:30
Main Stage (P/X/001)

Want to look great at conventions but don't want to fork out huge amounts of money for materials? York Cosplayer 'Miss Lolita Love' will give you the tips and tricks for how to make a costume without breaking the bank, perfect for students.

The Psychology of Doctor Who

Dr Sarita Robinson
Sunday 16 October 2016, 12:30–13:30

We know that the Doctor has two hearts but what is going on in his head? Can we really understand the Doctor’s moods and motivations? How does regeneration affect him? Why does he strive to save the human race? And what impact does traveling in time and space have on the Doctor’s long suffering companions? Find out the answers to these questions as Sarita Robinson explores both human and alien psychology.

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Sunday 16 October 2016, 13:00–14:00
Main Stage (P/X/001)

Zombie outbreaks are a much bigger problem at university than you’d think, luckily for you, HAZsoc are here to help! In a talk delivered by our very own chair of the society we’ll tell you all you need to know to make sure you keep your brains intact and avoid the hoards of the undead! A not-so-serious talk that will tell you all you need to know about HAZsoc and also a few pro zombie survival tips. All are welcome!

Cosplay Disasters

Sunday 16 October 2016, 14:00–15:00

Sit down with Mystmoon Costumes in an open discussion panel with the audience exchanging all the ridiculous disasters we've had whilst making and wearing cosplay. Glued your costume to yourself? Dyed your wig the wrong colour? Sewed your cosplay back to front? Come tell us all about it and let's learn from each others mistakes!

Is Esport Overtaking Sport?

Sunday 16 October 2016, 14:30–15:30
Main Stage (P/X/001)

Ever since games have existed we've found a way to play them competitively. Video gaming known as esports is a quickly growing industry across the globe, with 36 million people tuning in to watch the 2015 League of Legends world championships.

But with such large tournaments and prizes with little regulation, esports has also led to doping and illegal gambling. So where is esports going and does it have the potential to overtake major sports in viewership?

Join us in taking a look at Esport where it's at now and where it might go in the future.


Create Your Comic

Comic Society
Both days, 13:00–14:00
Ticketed event

A basic introduction to the creation of a comic book, in regards both to the writing and the drawing aspects. We will show you How major authors have worked on it and encourage you to find your own style!

TTRPG Workshop

Saturday 15 October 2016, 13:00–14:00 • 14:00–15:00
YUSU Space

Whether you are completely new to the hobby or have been playing for years, everyone is welcome to contribute to a discussion of what makes tabletop roleplay enjoyable (bearing in mind there is no wrong way to play!) It will be great to hear people's questions, top tips, or amusing anecdotes. In addition, expect information on some easily-accessible resources to get games going, discussion of the interesting challenges and problems that can sometimes arise in games, and the opportunity to network with those who might want to start a game with you!

Fly a MicroDrone Session

Saturday 15 October, 14:30–15:30 • Sunday 16 October, 11:30–12:30
This event costs £1

Come and have a go with DroneSoc's micro quadcopters see how well you can fly them. Please note there is a small charge of £1 to fly a microdrone

All About NERF

Saturday 15 October 2016, 16:00–17:00

Know a bit about NERF guns or eager to learn? Then this is the place for you! This session will teach you how to make your own holster and modify your NERF weaponry so you're battle ready anytime! Hosted by out super skilled armourer, this session isn't one to miss for any NERF fans out there!

How to Make Games Better

Game Development Society
Sunday 16 October 2016, 14:00–15:00
YUSU Space

Elvish Writing

Tolkien Society
Sunday 16 October 2016, 14:30–15:30
YUSU Space
Free tickets

Come and Join Tolkien Soc to learn how to write in Elvish. Your name? A Poem? Ancient runes to take over the world? Well maybe start with the small stuff.

Gallifreyan Writing Course

Doctor Who Society
Sunday 16 October 2016, 15:30–16:30
YUSU Space

Did you know that all those symbols in the TARDIS are actually a language? Learn how to write Gallifreyan with DocSoc and maybe increase your chances of being whisked away to see all of time and space.

Video Games

Retro Arcade

Want to relive the days of your youth by playing lots of retro games? Well our good friends at Sore Thumbs Retro Games will have a FREE retro arcade featuring many of the classics all weekend! Located in the Roger Kirk Centre.

Video Game Area

Located in the Exhibition Centre this is your Hub for Video Games at York GeekFest. In here you'll find FragSoc York's gaming group along with competitions and a number of local developers whose games you can play before anyone else!

Hearthstone Tournament

Saturday 15 October 2016, 11:30
Video Games Room

A small casual Hearthstone tournament in Wild format with Conquest rules, best of 3 matches.

Everyone is welcome to come along and sling some virtual cards!

All Day


Plot 2
Free tickets

Explore the universe and see all it has to offer right from the comfort of GeekFest. This indoor, inflatable planetarium show will exciting and delight all ages. (Free tickets)

Board Game Area

Plot B

Come and try out some new board and card games or challenge your friends. With OG Games and Travelling Man on the Saturday and Beyond Monopoly on the Sunday.

OG Games: Star Wars, Imperial Assault, Konfict 47, Dice masters
Travelling Man: Magic: The Gathering, Force of Will, Android Netrunner

Beyond Monopoly: Assorted board games

Creative Corner

Plot C

Show off your artistic skills in Creative Corner. Make a Teru Teru Bozu, create some art for out art wall or contribute to one of collaboration canvas'

Escape the Room

Paid event Ticketed event

Do you have what it takes to become the next world’s greatest defender? Renown sidekick to all the world’s greatest defenders, and the first true artificial intelligence - B.E.N.N.I.T.T. - is offering demonstrations of the equipment and techniques used by the many heroes it has worked with over the years. B.E.N.N.I.T.T. has assisted gallant heroes as diverse as The Fog Bandit, Quantum and Captain Fantabulous, helping them to defeat many villainous enemies of humanity, from the Fearsome Trans-dimensional Piranha People to Mecha-Houdini and, of course, the nefarious Darkspyder. Now B.E.N.N.I.T.T. is searching for the next generation of heroes. Could it be you? Book your place now, true believer, and find out!

The Old Cinema


Sit back and relax watching all the best (or maybe worst) old films and TV. This rolling screen will be running for the whole event so if you need to just sit down and take a load off this is just the place.

10:15–11:35 Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women
11:35–12:45 The Phantom Empire
12:45–14:00 Attack from Space
14:00–15:20 Plan 9 from Outer Space
15:20–16:35 Phantom from Space

10:15–11:40 Teenagers from Outer Space
11:40–13:00 The Phantom Planet
13:00–14:20 Zontar, the Thing from Venus (Digitally restored)
14:20–15:35 Assignment: Outer Space
15:35–16:40 Cat Women of the Moon

All times are approximate. Please arrive around 5 minutes early for your chosen film to avoid disappointment.

The schedule, and descriptions of all the films, are available as a PDF.

JuJu Treats Candle and Bathbomb Workshops

This event costs £5

JuJu Treats will be helping you learn how to make your beeswax candle or scented bathbomb. Pick from a variety of projects including star wars bathbombs, panda and rose candles. Numbers are highly limited as this is being held at their stall and there is an additional cost of £5 for these workshops.

Other Events

York Glee Singers

Saturday 15 October 2016, 13:00–13:30
Exhibition Centre

A short set of our most geeky songs sung by the members of our society

Quidditch Exhibition Match

HogYork Horntails vs. Leeds Griffins
Saturday 15 October 2016, 14:00–16:00
Vanbrugh Bowl

Guaranteed to be the best spectacle GeekFest has to offer, now is your chance to see the real life game of quidditch played at the highest level! Your home team the HogYork Horntails will take on their oldest friends and rivals the Leeds Griffins in a fully officiated Yorkshire derby match! It's fast, furious, and incredibly fun - this is one magical display that you won't want to miss! Come along to cheer the Horntails to victory!

HAZSoc Nerf War

Sunday 16 October 2016, 11:00–12:30
Vanbrugh Bowl

Fancy seeing what a real NERF battle is like? The thrill? The (not so real danger?) And the satisfaction of shooting your friends without actually harming them? HAZsoc are here to help! This session will give you a taste of our amazing mini games so don't miss out! You'll also get to meet some of the committee and see what we do as a society, it's not one to be missed!

Hermione's Scavenger Hunt

Sunday 16 October 2016, 12:00
YUSU Space

Solve the puzzles to get to the next clue; collect all the socks from around GeekFest to free the house elves! The first team back will get a prize and there will be a Harry Potter themed quiz after the event.


Sunday 16 October 2016

WELCOME TO YORK! Visit York’s many attractions, its historic churches and inns; meet local celebrities and famous figures from the past. This game is packed full of fascinating historical facts – and lots of amusing anachronisms! Mingle with the crowds watching the Mystery Plays, enjoy thrills and spills along the Pageant-Waggon route. Have a fun day out at Knavesmire to see the Races (or to see a notorious criminal hang!). Prove your civic loyalty by bartering in the local currency, i.e. Stones for repairing the City Walls and building the City Bars. But watch out for outbreaks of plague – and Dick Turpin!

This is an original board game, with a strong quiz element, for 2 – 6 players, using pieces, dice, and cards.