GeekFest 2016
York, 15–16 October 2016


Anime & Manga Society

Often found watching anime late into the night with their overnight screenings is the Anime and Manga Society. They hold weekly screening and regular games nights, quiz nights and trips to local conventions.

Comic Society

A brand new society dedicated to the exploration and discussion of all sorts of aspects of comics and their creation.

Doctor Who Society

If you love Doctor Who then this is the society to join. Screenings, Socials, Fancy Dress it's all here! There's only the occasional Dalek.

Douglas Adams Society

The Douglas Adams Society, who claimed that the best way to celebrate the life and achievements of Douglas Adams, was to run around the university campus covered in cardboard, carrying inflatables, searching for abstract concepts, holding competitions with highly original prizes, warning people to be careful of the kraken that lives in the lake*, playing boardgames, discussing proper brewing techniques for tea and other pop culture, and reading a weekly newsletter called the DougInfo, rather than hosting lectures or seminars on his life works or something.

* His name is Bob and you should be nice to him

Drone Society

Another new society to the University they're focused on all things drone. Offering both real and simulation flights if you have the skill they even race the things!

FragSoc (Video Games Society)

Hosting York's Biggest Regular LAN events 2-3 times per term along with their own tournaments in a number of different games including DOTA 2 and CS:GO. If you like video games this is the society for you.

Game Development Society

Don't want to just play games? Want to make them too? Then DevSoc have got you covered. With lectures, tutorials, workshops and more it's a great environments to test out your skills, work with others to make products and generally just have a great time.

Go Society

Play Go? Want to learn how to play Go? Never heard of Go but are kind of curious? If you answered yes to any of these questions then come and meet Go Society.

Humans Assassins Zombies Society (HAZSoc)

NERF wars, Zombie chases, the creeping paranoia of being hunted for a whole week, pillow fights. Whilst one of these things is not like the others they're all done by HAZSoc who run multiple large scale week+ long games for anyone to get involved with. There are also single day minig game events and the zombie themed bar crawl 2.8 hours later.

LGBTQ Society

Saturday 15 October 2016

Here to support all LGBTQ students at the university. They'll be at GeekFest with Zines and Comics featuring LGBTQ characters and looking to get your input on how to progress LGBTQ issues in Geek Culture.

Magic Society

Pokémon Society

If you're a fan of them all or just the originals there's something for you at PokéSoc. Everything and anything Pokémon from pre-release events to screening. Doesn't matter if you're a pro looking for a challenge or a casual player.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Society

Weekly LARP, Boardgames and Table Top Games are all available from SF&F society. They also regularly run 'convention'; a weekend filled with LARPing and Boardgames as well as really really bad old movies like Dungeons and Dragons

A Society of Ice and Fire

Sunday 16 October 2016

(Game of Thrones Society)

Supporting Women in Engineering at York (SWEY)

Sunday 16 October 2016

Celebrating women in engineering especially Ada Lovelace (as it's around the time of Ada Lovelace day) There's crafts and information galore.

Tolkien Society

Celebrating the works of Tolkien through the books and the films. They will be running regular elven writing workshops throughout GeekFest